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Dangerous geological phenomena and processes

Our company can perform engineer-geological studies for seismic micro zoning, landslides, land collapses, in geoecology – study of the spread of polluted geological varieties in loess and other geological varieties.

Dangerous geological phenomena and processes are also considered the specific properties of loess soils to slump and collapse as a result of increase in the water content.

Building and construction design on these specific geological formations requires special approach in studying engineer-geological conditions and physical-mechanical properties.

Below you can see a couple of typical examples of deformations and collapse, which can happen to every building, built on loess soils, and in case of inappropriate approach in designing, funding and building.

1. Desintegration of silos, slumped unevenly (0,50 cm. to 0,70 cm.)

* The film was kindly provided by “Rival Engineering”, by CEO Eng. Krasimir Mihaylov.

2. Visible settlements of the foundations of deformed silos

Pictures made after cleaning up of destroyed silos



Arrows showing visible inclinations of the settled silos

3. Deformations of the eastside wing of Central railway station Ruse, as a result of land slump of loess soils.