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Electro resistivity methods

Electrical methods have been created based on a key physical principle: everything in nature has electrical properties. An exception is the vacuum which has no such properties.

With appropriate methodology and equipment, these properties can gain a digital dimension.

According to these absolute or relative values, geological variations can be grouped into chemical composition, physical properties, lithological composition, etc.

In geology this technology is applied by determining different electrical parameters – resistivity, conductivity, polarization, natural electric field, electromagnetic field, magnetic thelluric currents, inductance, electric currents at different frequencies and others in various modifications within the profession.

Hereby are shown some applications of electrical methods of direct current by resistivity (conductivity), induced polarization IP and natural electric field SP in various scheme modifications to address engineering geological, hydrogeological, mineral exploration and other geological tasks.

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Bedrock and water level


Electrotomography in clays for determining the basic geological variety


Separation between clays, sand and limestone

Establishment of polymetallic mineralization